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When It Is Not Christmas
By Bridgitte Williams

1. It is not Christmas when you want to choke the Santa in the store instead of placing your child on his lap. Do you really have to explain to him why you cannot afford half of what your child is about to ask him for?

2. It is not Christmas when you start singing Jinglehells instead of Jinglebells while Christmas caroling and it is not a mistake.

3. It is not Christmas when you make grinch Christmas cookies.

4. It is not Christmas when you place a Santa in your front yard with his pockets turned inside out.

5. It is not Christmas when you send one Christmas card out by email to be forwarded to everyone.

6. It is not Christmas when your Christmas gift to everyone is a copy of your ebook that you just cannot seem to sell.

7. It is not Christmas when instead of a live Christmas tree you have an E tree showing on your computer screen.

8. It is not Christmas when you wear a shirt proclaiming that Tickle Me Elmo doll greed killed Christmas spirit.

9. It is not Christmas when you give your dogs' new litter of puppies away as Christmas gifts.

10. It is not Christmas when you send a note out with your Christmas cards saying instead of gifts please make a donation to my astounding credit card debt.

I hope these cheered you up and got you in the mood for the Christmas season to come. Thanks for reading.

Happy Holidays!

Bridgitte is retired and enjoys taking a lighthearted look at the hectic Christmas holidays. Her webpage can be found at


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