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Traditional Italian Christmas Traditions and Recipes for Panettone
By Jen E Carter

The Italians love food, and Christmas is no exception.

On Christmas Eve it is traditional to eat fish dishes; certainly, no meat is eaten on Christmas Eve. Panettone, a traditionally light Milanese cake, also plays a part in this meal but can be eaten at any time with family and friends during the holiday season.

Religion and faith plays an important part in the Christmas festivities, with families attending mass together and watching the Pope appear on his famous balcony on Christmas Day.

Christmas lunch is often stuffed pasta parcels, followed by stuffed goose or boiled capon or more seafood.

Made the traditional way, panettone is a comparatively complicated recipe, but this simple version suitable for a bread machine is a quick and easy way to create this delicious Christmas treat:- Full of candied fruit, raisins, citron, anise or fennel seed, lemon zest and even almonds Ė hereís three online bread recipes to choose from:-

  1. For a full flavoured, spicy and aromatic, panettone, visit
  2. For a simple, quick recipe visit
  3. Using American measurements, this should make a fragrant, tasty loaf, visit

In Italy the children have to wait until 6th January for their presents, so itís probably just as well they have plenty of delicious food to enjoy until then. Buon Natale!

For further ideas for Italian recipes and Christmas Recipes, visit our website.


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