Why SpongeBob and Gormiti Games Are Greatly Popular Online
By Maryrose Malinao

SpongeBob and Gormiti games have captured the adventurous hearts of gamers around the world. These games started out as children's favorites but the fun and action have delightfully captivated every gaming spirit with a great lift. Let us take a closer look at each of these famous games as to how and why they get so popular online. What do they really have in common?

SpongeBob Games

SpongeBob games have first rocked the world of SpongeBob fans on television. SpongeBob SquarePants, a famous Nickelodeon character is even more popularized and amusedly tagged as the one "who lives in a pineapple under the sea." SpongeBob draws a lot of laughter and funny adventure in almost every way from TV cartoon series to video games and even to its online game variants.

The funny lovable character of SpongeBob with his bucktoothed grin is even made more amusing with Patrick and Squidworth. These two characters are his constant companions in every aquatic adventure. The cartoon series has its unique setting at Bikini Bottom. This is where every ounce of adventure and humor takes place.

What makes SpongeBob games even more popular is that the various Hollywood stars that truly add more excitement to the global viewers are dubbing the cartoon series. The most memorable SpongeBob-Hollywood event in Nickelodeon attraction happened last year 2009. Famous Hollywood celebrities joined the craze in this first full blast SpongeBob documentary.

SpongeBob games give the wholesome adventure from all these fabulous media events. Lots of video game series, online games and even mobile games have dominated the global gaming market to capture the SpongeBob fad. Toy stores and families rush to meet the kids' obsessions for so many SpongeBob items that have grown in popular demand.

Gormiti Games

Gormiti games are very popular in boys as inspired by its great story of action and adventure from the village of Gorm. The story episodes evolve around the good and evil forces with the powerful action of the Gormiti heroes that was even enhanced by the collectible sets of gormiti toys. The kids' fondness to Gormiti games online is derived from Gorm's storyline and the collectible characters of unique supernatural powers that match their especially distinct tribal names.

The Common Link

SpongeBob and Gormiti games are well-loved games both online and even offline. The endless global craze with these games brings more fun and thrilling adventure to all gamers worldwide. You will never find any better source of online action and entertainment than playing these two most popular online games.

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