Movable SpongeBob Craft That Is Fun And Easy For Kids Of All Ages
By Gail Leino

No matter what age kids are, they all like SpongeBob Squarepants. This fun and easy craft can be hung up on the wall for the kid's to enjoy or they can play with him since the arms and legs will be movable. No matter what they decide to do with their craft, they will be able to be proud that they did it themselves.

Here are the materials needed for this SpongeBob craft.

Template (You can find this online or draw your own. You may need to use two or three pieces of paper to get everything you need for this craft. You can either use regular paper or construction paper if you prefer.)




Brass tacks

The first thing you will need to do for this SpongeBob craft is to print out the template. Then you will need to cut out the template parts. Now the kid's will need to color where it is needed.

Now it is time to tape or glue the pants onto SpongeBob. Then the face pieces will need to be taped or glued to the sponge part of him. For the arms and legs you will want to use brass tacks to fix them to the appropriate places. This will let the arms and legs be movable. Now you need to glue or tape the tie where it needs to go.

Now the SpongeBob craft is done and the kids can enjoy playing with their new craft. Kids will have hours of fun with this. They can hang it up at home or just play with if they prefer. Kids of all ages will be proud of what they have made.

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