Make Your Own SpongeBob Toys
By Paul A Buchanan

We all like SpongeBob, right? Or at least those of you about to read this article most likely do! There's something about a talking figure being a SPONGE of all things that is so totally bizarre that we became intrigued long ago...and what do you know: the show is actually quite funny to boot.

There are many different toys that you can buy that represent the show, and a lot of them are quite fun for kids. But what happens if you're on a tight budget this month and can't afford to go to the store - or online - to purchase something for your kids? Well, you can create your own SpongeBob toys with a few household - or beach - items. We did, and now my daughter is known at her school for being unique!

The obvious way to start this is to go to your local Mart and buy one of the really cheap sponges, making sure you get the yellow one. You can easily draw his eyes and other features with a permanent marker. Pants are easy, too, as you can either draw them on or use a bit of cloth from around the house and use a safety pin to attach it. The cool thing is that he will actually hold water and spout it out, just like he does on the actual cartoon.

Patrick is easy enough to create as well. Depending on where you live, an intact starfish shouldn't be too hard to find. We live near the beach, and every so often, a starfish will wash ashore. The trick is to get there just after high tide, as all of the goodies come to the shore. Do the same with his features as you did with SpongeBob...his are even easier!

Anyway, that's just a little intro for some of you struggling parents out there!

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