Spongebob Squarepants Birthday Supplies - 4 Ways to Make an "Ocean Under the Sea" Birthday
By Mary Setter

Spongebob Squarepants is the perfect buddy for a birthday party. The perfect way to intertwine him in the birthday is to bring in some Spongebob birthday supplies that will help make the birthday fun and an all out Ocean party. Here are some ideas to help put the whole party together to make the party a success and the children have the fun of their lives:

Invite Your "Ocean Buddies" For Some Squid-fun: When inviting your buddies to the party, the very best way to invite them is with the traditional invitation. But, Spongebob invites could be something special that are more than the average invite. Have them made from the traditional "Spongebob" invitations but make sure they have some excitement for a "beach" party. On the invite, have some Spongebob "underwear" hanging (with a small clothes pin on a piece of string) on the outside made out of construction paper. Inside the invite, have them arrive in their swimming gear to complete the idea of an "ocean" partying frenzy. And when they have arrived to your house there will, of course, be some swimming involved.

Spongebob Goodies with Plates and Cups: When thinking about the goodies, probably the most thought of idea would be a cake and some ice cream. If the cake is involved, have it be a Patrick cake with maybe some blue and yellow cupcakes to the side for the kids to take home with them. The ice cream would probably be the regular vanilla for the kids. Have them served on Spongebob plates and serve an "ocean-blast" drink in some spongebob cups with a tiny umbrella stuck in the cup. Have napkins to the side as well.

Decorate to Make Spongebob's "Bikini Bottom" Home: However, when it comes to decorations, it could be very simple or it could be an all-out "bikini bottom" home. Some ideas to make it such would be to have some blue, yellow and pink streamers taped up everywhere you can think of. Some could be put on the ceiling, goodies and gift tables, eating tables, chairs etc. And with the streamers, add some balloons to complete the streamers. Around the room, cut out some bubbles from construction paper and tack them up on the walls and most especially around the gift and goody tables. They will make the gifts and goodies look like they are really in the ocean. You could bring in some fish tanks and fill them with water and put rocks and maybe some Spongebob and Patrick water toys in it as well. Put some posters of Spongebob characters around the room as well.

Do Some "Spongebob-Patrick" Games: Some of the games you could play would be "pinning the squarepants on Spongebob" or have a "treasure hunt" with some toys and candy around the house. Also, the kids might enjoy watching one or two episodes of the movie as well. Add some swimming. If there is not a swimming pool already established, bring in the plastic swimming pool and have it ready for the kids to swim in. They would love it.

You will find that having food, games and having the room bright with decorations will bring the kids in wanting more and more. Who knows? They might want to stay and have fun forever. They will always remember this party as the most fun and memorable party.

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