Popular SpongeBob SquarePants Games
By Tashia Freisner

SpongeBob SquarePants is a well-known animated film series, media franchise and online games character. It's at this time one of Nickelodeon's top watched shows. The creator of the characters is a former marine biologist, Stephen Hillenburg who created the show through the business he owned: United Plankton Pictures.

One of the elements that distinguishes SpongeBob show from other Nickelodeon productions is involvement of lots of independent musical groups into creation of the series soundtrack.

With the rising success of the series, the online games industry understood this phenomena and created many SpongeBob games, even free online games, that are targeted mainly toward kids. SpongeBob games have a variety of storylines you can choose from. You can enjoy them in high quality and make it a memorable and relaxing experience.

Among the most popular games are: "Battle for Bikini Bottom", "SpongeBob vs. The Flying Dutchman" and "SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis". I'll tell a little about each of them. "SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom" - In this game SpongeBob, Patrick Star, and Sandy Cheeks will try to stop the evil Plankton from taking over the world. This storyline is continued in "SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis", where SpongeBob and friends leave Bikini Bottom on an expedition to Atlantis, for adventures and treasure hunting. Another one of the Bikini series games is "SpongeBob vs. The Flying Dutchman". While cruising through Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob discovers several treasure chests. He ignores the warning signs and opens the chests, only to find out he has released the Flying Dutchman! The Dutchman is enraged that he was disturbed, and now wants to make SpongeBob and his team part of his ghostly crew. The aim is to help SpongeBob stop the Dutchman from wreaking chaos in Bikini Bottom. I like the funny "Sponge Bob Square Pants: Patty Panic", in which you will walk on top of the food to drop them down to the next level, until you make a hamburger at the bottom. Beware of enemies!

Given the wide public appeal of the SpongeBob SquarePants animation, it is clear why so many additional items have been designed to support the market demand for this great character. For example, SpongeBob T-shirts can be found at every mall or RTW stall worldwide.

There is no continuity between the episodes in SpongeBob SquarePants show, which is a great benefit for anyone to watch it without having to refer back to previous events or contexts. The show itself, as well as the games, can even help in developing positive attitude to life. Kids absolutely love Nickelodeon's Sponge Bob Square pants and his friends Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Sandy and Squidward for their quirky enjoyment loving antics. SpongeBob is loved because he is fun and loving, twists the laws of physics and has an adult personality. SpongeBob has an extraordinarily optimistic temperament so he can accomplish anything he wishes for with his talent to fit in anywhere. An appealing element regarding SpongeBob series is that he's always looking at the bright side of life.

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