How To Decorate A Christmas Tree: Seven Simple Tips For Your Elegant Evergreen
By Cece Lorenz

There's nothing quite like decorating the Christmas tree to mark the start of the festive season. Whether you've decided to have a real tree or an artificial one, everyone can enjoy the ritual of hanging the lights, draping the garlands and swags and trimming the tree with your favorite Christmas ornaments.

So as the moment approaches to bring out your favorite ornaments from their year-long storage, it's time to decide what sort of tree decoration you want. For some people, trimming the tree involves a carefully thought out design. Perhaps your theme will be a single color this year -- maybe all white, silver or gold. On the other hand, your decorations and ornaments may represent an eclectic mixture of shapes, patterns and styles to create an effect that's uniquely you.

One rule about choosing Christmas tree decorations is that there are no rules! Don't let the style police dictate the way you deck your holiday evergreen: this is one time, at least, when you're free to let your personal taste and style reign supreme.

Whatever your choice, there are some basic principles to help you decorate your tree with pizzazz. Once it's safely set up on its stand, have your ornaments, lights and accessories ready to one side. Here's an order of steps to make the task easier:

  1. Put the lights on first. Don't try to wrap a cord of lights around a tree that already has ornaments hanging on it. Placing some of the lights further back on the branches will emphasize depth and leave more room for other items.
  2. Make sure you have enough lights to create the effect you want. You can go with all one color or have a contrasting multicolored effect. Your other decorations will reflect the lights to create a dazzling display.
  3. Try to distribute the lights evenly across the tree to avoid a 'bunching' effect. You can find lighting sets that are arranged as a net that can be draped over the tree. These can produce a very regular distribution, although this kind of wiring can be harder to disguise within the branches.
  4. If you like to use garlands, beads or tinsel, work from the top of the tree downwards. Once again, try to space them evenly and avoid a 'layered' effect.
  5. Hang your ornaments last. That way, you'll be less likely to knock delicate items from their branches.
  6. Think about the effect that different arrangements would create: for example, you could distribute your larger pieces evenly across the tree and then fill the spaces in between with smaller items -- or perhaps create clusters of shapes and sizes in areas that will be more prominent.
  7. Don't forget to crown your tree with your favorite topper - an angel, a star or some other special ornament. Then stand back and admire your handiwork!

Whether you're young in years or simply young at heart, the magic of dressing a Christmas tree never ceases to bring joy and wonder to mark the start of the holiday season.

What sort of Christmas decorations will you have this year? Are you looking for a real Christmas tree or an artificial one?

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