Presents for Pooches
By S. Roberts

Dogs are mans best friend, and as any dog owner will tell you, they really do become part of the family. This is probably why we can't leave the family dog out of the festivities at Christmas time. There are many of products on the market for dogs from doggie treat Christmas stockings, to Christmas theme food dishes, to Santa costumes to dress your dog up! Santa wrote a particular request asking people not to buy rubber Santa chew toys, because on Christmas eve when Santa is delivering presents, many dogs are looking a little too pleased to see him.

Why not take the time to make your best friend and extra special gift this Christmas, a Christmas sleigh bell dog collar.

All you need is... A dog collar, bells, felt and glue.

The dog collar needs to be a fabric or woven type collar that can be stitched into. Choose a nice festive colour like red.

You can buy bells from craft shops or your local haberdashery. The larger the bell the more 'Sleigh bell' the ring of the bell will sound, and your pooch will sound like a reindeer prancing along. Small bells have a high pitch ring, ideal for small or lady like dogs, the delicate tinkle makes them sound like small Tinkerbell the fairy.

Adjust the collar to fit your dog comfortably.

Sew bells at regular intervals around one edge (the bottom edge). About 4 CMS is a good gap between bells.

If you are using small bells sew them on in clusters of two or three larger bells can be sewn on singularly.

The bells need sewing on firmly so that they don't come off. Your dog may try to eat them.

Cut out holly leaf shapes and berries from some felt and glue them into place between the bells. You could substitute the holly leaves for fabric Christmas tree bows for lady dogs.

A cute Christmas collar gift for your dog, which will make your pooch jingle festively on every walkies!

Do not leave the dog wearing the collar unattended.

S. Roberts is one of Santa’s Helpers and writes for a Christmas educational & activity website. For more festive ideas & gifts to make visit SantasPostbag is in association with Together keeping Christmas Magical

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